Activating a Better Future
Fostering Meaningful Adoption of Consensus Technology
Transforming Vision Into Reality Through the Best of Blockchain Tech
Who We Are

The Applied Consensus Technology Institute of Hong Kong (ACTI) is dedicated to the development and use of innovations in decentralized technology. We are the bridge that close the gap between the needs of governments and institutions with the best consensus technology that blockchains can offer

Guidance & Navigation

Provide deep insights and guidance into the benefits of emerging decentralization technology to governments, institutions, and multi-national corporations.

Cultivate Grand Visions

Create strong win-win alignments between the tech elites and key decision makers so that they have a common strategy and a shared vision for how to build a better future

Speedy Integration

Accelerate the integration of decentralization technology into real-world applications, while ensuring regulatory compliance and operational expectations are met

Participate in Our Community

ACTI is open to all qualified individuals and corporates interested in discussing and learning about how to utilize decentralization technology in the best way possible. Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to learn from iconic global leaders and hear from the top Web3 thinkers. Please reach out to learn more about our upcoming events!